Color box printing can be divided into five categories by material

Color box printing commonly used materials: generally divided into cardboard, pit paper, quality packaging boxes.

Paper jams: generally 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g. As for how many grams to use, it depends on personal needs. Generally, manufacturers will give professional advice when customizing the packaging box. Don’t worry too much.

Pit paper: Generally, e and f corrugated are the most. Generally, the colored paper on the outside is 250g fly ash, and the bottom is pit board (corrugated cardboard).

Exquisite packaging boxes: Generally produced using gray board, the weight of which is generally 800g (1mm) or more.

The weight of gray board is different according to customer requirements. Generally, it is packaged with 900g, 1100g, 1200g. Generally, it can also be made into multi-gram cardboard by mounting, such as 600g double gray board to 1200g Gray board and face paper are generally double copper paper 128g, 157g film.

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